NovaScooter Elite Plus – 35 km range

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Product Description

10.7 kg light portable electric kick scooter, range up to 35 km, speed up to 27 km/h.

Light. Compact. Portable.

NovaScooter is one of the lightest electric scooter in the world. Easily foldable in less than 3 seconds, NovaScooter is extremely compact and portable. Convenient to use, transport and travel – bring it on the MRT or bus, store it in the back of your car trunk or trolley it through the lobby to your office. Using high-quality aluminium alloy frame, brush-less motor and Li-Po battery, NovaScooter is light, yet uncompromising on quality.

Stylish Design. Comfortable. Agile.

Modern and elegant design with high-quality aluminium alloy frame, the sturdy and solid NovaScooter is built to last. Be assured of a smooth and happy ride on NovaScooter, with adjustable heights coupled with shock absorbers and suspension. We pay attention to every element, every aspect of building a NovaScooter. NovaScooter is beyond just a product, we strive to build a work of art.

Powerful. Fast.

NovaScooter is easy to control with its front wheel drive. Quiet & efficient, NovaScooter is powerful and fast, with decently long range. It is powerful enough to climb slopes inclining up to 15 degrees while maintaining a decent speed.

Easy Maintenance. Easy operations.

Convenient, fun & easy to operate. Right hand to start, left hand to stop, just that simple! Easy to maintain, with no chains, gears or greasy oiling. Battery fully charge to 100% in less than 2 hours, with protective charging to prevent overcharging. NovaScooter comes fully assembled out of the box, ready to go immediately.


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